Your Lordship the Chief Justice Your Lordship V.K.
Malalgoda, Your Lordships and Your Lady ships of The
Supreme Court and the Court Appeal,Hon Judges of the
High Court,DC,and MC,Learned PC,dear Colleagues and
distinguish invites,

We are gathered this morning to welcome Your Lordship
Justice V.K. Malalgoda on your Lordships elevation to the
Supreme Court.

You have been appointed to the judiciary because you
have demonstrated the capacities which are needed to
be a judge and your attendance at this ceremony of
induction is an indication both of your desire to fulfil your
office with distinction and to that humility of mind that is
essential to dispense the justice.

A judge's role is to serve the community in the pivotal
role of administering justice according to law
Your office gives you that opportunity,optimization of
which is a more duty than a privilege. No doubt a judge

will not find satisfaction in his or her duties unless there
is a continual realization of the importance of the
community service that is rendered. Freedom, Peace,
order and good governance - the essentials of the society
we treasure - depend in the ultimate analysis of the
faithful performance of judicial duty. It is only when the
community has confidence in the integrity and capacity
of the judiciary that the community is governed by the
rule of law. Knowing this, your lordship must have a high
conceit of the importance of your Lordships office.

Although each judge should have and retain a fierce
sense of personal independence and be prepared to
accept the consequences and the criticisms of his or her
own judgments, a court cannot operate efficiently
without a shared objective of getting the work done to a
standard that enhances public confidence in the Court as
a whole. Life on the bench is a sheer delight when one’s
colleagues command unfeigned respect.

The Bar hails Your Lordship's elevation to this highest
court of our land, aptly described as the Court which is
now supreme, both in name and in fact, since it was
made the final Court of Appeal, as an appointment that is

fitting, appropriate and richly deserved.

Your Lordship thus comes in to this court, with a wealth
of Judicial experience gained as the president of Court of
appeal and a deep knowledge of, and competence in, the
law which was earned from the Attorney General”s
Department To this must be added your Lordships
regular participation in Bar Association and international
Seminars in Geneva,France,Pakistan and Bangkok which
gives your Lordship rich perspective into areas of human
rights and current development in administrative and
public Law. With that experience we witnessed your
Lordship handling the Writ matters in an effective way.

I could state without any fear of contradiction that the
reduction in the backlog of appeals in the Court of
Appeal resulted to a great measure from the tireless
efforts of Your Lordship.

During the entirety of Your Lordship's tenure of office as
a judge, from 2014 Your Lordship has lived up to the
highest expectations of the bar in respect of the holders
of judicial office. The Bar is confident that Your Lordship
will continue to display the same independence and high
moral rectitude that has characterized your entire
judicial career up to date. Your calm and amiable

disposition has won for you the unfailing respect of the
Bar. Indeed an unruffled attention to the task at hand
has been a hallmark of Your Lordship's way of life. When
I reflect on Your Lordship's attributes, the words of the
Dhammapada flow to my mind. I quote:- ''Clam his
thought, calm his word and calm his deed -who truly
knowing is wholly freed, perfectly tranquil and

On behalf of the Unofficial Bar I wish to congratulate
Your Lordship and assure your Lordship of our fullest
co-operation in discharging your duties as a judge of the
Supreme Court. We wish you a successful tenure in
office, excellent health and happiness.

Thank You!