Criminal Defense Course

The Criminal Defense Course has been specifically designed to those who practice in criminal law across board. It is envisaged to guide particularly the young lawyers as to the practical application of the concepts and principles in criminal law. Those who attend have the privileges of interacting with highly acclaimed criminal law practitioners in the

Course on Election Law

The Course on Election law is offered by BASL in collaboration with the Election Commission of Sri Lanka targeting both lawyers and non lawyers alike. This specific area of law, whose knowledge is not in abundance in the society, is intended to raise awareness as to the effect of law relating to the elections. The


First of all, I would like to wish all the Judicial Officers, President’s Counsels and Senior and junior members of the Bar a successful, meaningful and effective New Year 2019. I fervently wish the Judiciary and the Bar in collaboration will be able to achieve many milestones during this New Year. The BASL which is

Now BASL is online

The Bar Association of Sri Lanka, one of the most prestigious professional associations in Sri Lanka takes it pride to announce the re-launch of its official Website in January 2019. The official website of BASL can be accessed via The website, which was long due saw the light of the day with the hosts of

Wish you Happy New Year 2019

Bar Association of Sri Lanka, the patron organization of the all the regional Bar Associations extends its warm wishes all the members practicing in law around the country for a Successful Year 2019 where you can usher your all aspirations into reality. The BASL which firmly stand by its membership both during ups and downs

Reserve Your copy of SLR/NLR

The BASL has offered its members full sets of New Law Reports (NLR) and Sri Lanka Law Reports (SLR) at an affordable price, responding to the exceeding demand of the members. You can reserve your copy by registering with the BASL as soon as possible. Those who cannot afford outright payment can be arranged concessionary