Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Firm

Lawyers both locally and internationally along with their families have been targeted by extremists or organized criminals or by the dictating governments for raising their voice for people’s rights and for democracy. In such situations, BASL will represent, promote and protect member’s interests through its various committees such as Lawyer-Police Relationships Committee, Rule of Law Committee and Human Rights Committee. 

  • Lawyer Police Relationships Committee: intervenes in matters where Lawyers face difficulties form the Police when fulfilling their professional obligations.
  • Ethics and Professional Conduct Committee: deals with complaints made against Attorneys at Law by fellow members in the profession, or by members of the public, either individually or in a corporate capacity

Professional Purposes Committee: inquire into complaints of professional misconduct and/or negligence against Attorney at Law which are received by the BASL

National / International Legal Networks

  • Connect with your peers by joining in the activities of 30 standing committees
  • Identify, discuss and raise issues/problems faced by the junior lawyers through the Junior Bar Committee
  • Participate in National and International Law Conferences organised by the BASL.
  • Serve the community through BASL service projects which will also allow the members to get connected with the Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations.
  • Get connected to Organisation of Professional Associations (OPA), Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and other such organisations and engage yourself in many different platforms.
  • Develop relationships with sister organisations and International associations such as the American Bar Association, Bar Association of Pakistan, China Bar Association, and Malaysian Bar Council, South African Bar Association and Hong Kong Bar Association as well as an active participant in International Bar Association (IBA), Commonwealth Lawyers Association (CLA), Inter Pacific Bar Association (IPBA), Law Asia and SAARC Law and get opportunities for exchange visits meet eminent practitioners in Sri Lanka and share their experience and knowledge.
  • Participate in annual IBA, IPBA and Law Asia Conferences using the special packages offered to members.

Enrich your career - Make a Difference and Lead like it matters

  • As a legal practitioner, your professional reputation is highly important. Your success depends on the trust of your clients, judges, colleagues and even your counterparts. Bad reputation is easy to create but hard to overcome, so learn the Art of Law. Join the BASL to enhance your legal career with a strategic approach. 
    • Gain access at special member’s only rates to many in house courses, workshops, seminars and talk shows aimed at supporting and guiding young professionals to build their reputation while pursuing their interest in writing, teaching, leading and lobbying.
    • As a member, you will be listed on the BASL website exposing you to the world
    • Members gain opportunities to meet eminent practitioners, seniors in different fields of law by involving in standing committees which also offer various leadership opportunities, roles in committees and units and many other ways which will make a difference in your career as well as in your personal life.
    • Members will gain free access to BASL Annual Career Advice Service which will allow members to advance their career as well as get to know choices/different paths available as a lawyer.
    • BASL annual calendar includes targeted networking opportunities for juniors, lady lawyers, small firms, and practitioners with various interest such as sports, music, art and technology.

    Through ‘pro bono’ activities, a member will get an opportunity fulfil  your public service obligation , get exposure to new fields, expand the scope of your practice and secure a better clientele.

Sharpen Your Practice

Starting your own legal practice or a firm isn’t a cakewalk, but at times it can seem even more difficult as you don’t always feel welcomed with open arms and smiling faces by the others in the industry. There are many different courses, workshops, conferences which are only available to members on legal productivity, different law skills starting from writing to advocacy, tips, and tricks to an efficient practice and latest technological developments lawyers can use to modernize their practice. BASL use various different methods of delivering these valuable skills through online training, educational videos for Lawyers and forums considering the busy time schedules and to cater members island wide. Your membership login will allow you to access courses online and complete them at your pace and at your convenience.

Save Money

  • BASL membership includes member-only benefits as well as an exceptional line-up of discounts featuring special member-only rates, products, and services from valued business partners.Scholarship Opportunities In the year 2015, BASL awarded 20 Full Scholarships to Junior BASL members practicing in various parts of the country to follow Masters in Law at the University of Colombo and Open University of Sri Lanka. BASL is in the process of searching for funding opportunities to develop the scholarships program as an annual event in the futurePublications  – print
    • Members receive access to online resources at a discounted price
    • Special Discount on Subscription for Laws of Sri Lanka – Blackhall Publishing (the company has specialized in providing services relating to statutelaw revision, law reporting.)
    • Special Discount for LexisNexis/WestLaw and Bloomberg Research Databases
    • Special Subscriptions for some of the leading international legal publications including Legal Week, Intellectual Property Magazine, THE LAWYER Advancing the Business of Law, THERECORDER The latest digital-only news and analysis for tech-focused legal professionals
    • Members receive printed publications at a discounted price
      • BASL Law Journal / Copies of archived Law Journals
      • BASL Junior Bar Journal etc.
      • Unreported Judgments
      • Seminar/Conference Session Papers etc.
    • Members gain access to BASL Digital Content and BASL Member’s Directory through BASL App
    • Filmed Conference Sessions
    • Training Videos
    • Guides and Free Materials
    • Free Subscription to BASL e-Newsletter
    • Important gazette notifications, circulars and updates of latest law reforms


    Leisure /Travel/Other services

    • Restaurant Discounts
    • Holiday Packages
    • Travel Packages
    • Discounted Laundry Service
    • Health Packages (Special Packages for Hospitalization and OPD Services)
    • Fitness Packages

    Career Centers

    • Leadership Opportunities – Advance your career by taking leadership roles in many different standing committees of BASL
    • Publication Opportunities – Publish0 in one of BASL’s publications
    • Volunteering Opportunities – Help the community by giving of your time to volunteer in the community or to perform pro bono service to those in need of legal services
    • Savings on Professional Photography – Head Shots, Chamber Mates
    • Job Posting and Job Bank


    Credit Facilities

    • Special offers for Purchase of Vehicles
    • Purchase New Office Space
    • New or Refurbish Office Furniture
    • Purchase or upgrade Office Equipment
    • Special Housing Loans
    • Personal Loans from Leading banks
    • Credit Card Facilities from Sampath bank [BASL Affinity Card]



    • Benefit from the BASL Contingency Fund
    • Life Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Vehicle Insurance
    • Property (Residential or Official) Insurance
    • Professional Indemnity Insurance for Lawyers engaged in International Legal Practice and LPO Industry
    • Benefits from BASL Benevolent Trust Fund



    • Law Night
    • Members Club
    • Free Movie Nights at BASL
    • Opportunity to participate in Neethi Range and Neethi Kekulu
    • Opportunity to take part in Sports Gala


Continuous Learning and Education Programs

BASL is in the process of establishing a BASL Advanced Study Center with an aim of developing the knowledge and skills of Lawyers to enrich their professional careers. BASL is currently negotiating with the reputed Colleges of Law to hold affiliated Diploma, Higher Diplomas and LLM Degree qualifications.The Continuing Legal Education Program caters to all levels in the legal profession. Members will gain access to these different programs for an attractive discount offered only to BASL Members.

For Juniors: As a young  junior with only an understanding of fundamental legal concepts and lacking in the skill of how-to-do-it, BASL offers different how to do it courses to bridge the gap between  school and practice. These courses will include conveyancing practice, criminal defense, negligence, trial techniques, practice management and ethics among many other important topics. BASL vision for how to do it courses are to increase the professional competence of junior lawyers.

Become an accredited Specialist and make your mark on the legal profession: Specializing in a chosen area of law practice enables the legal practitioners to lead in the field, develop the law and its techniques. BASL offers it’s members accredited specialization in various areas of law from Public Law to Commercial Litigation as well as in different paths of legal profession such as certified trainer and certified arbitrators. This will allow the practitioners to attain a higher level of competence and specialist skills, enhance career development, and achieve greater recognition among peers and increase referral work from public and peers.

Continuing Legal Education: Changing regulations and other trends in the legal field are making it even more important for legal practitioners to participate in CLE Programs. BASL offers its members courses, seminars and workshops to remain current with the latest trends in the legal profession, stay current with legal advancements and informed of the evolving laws. BASL will offer its members with Sport Law, Elders Law, Water Law and Cyber Law which are increasingly important to day to day life of the Sri Lankan Society.

Continuing professional development: The existing Legal Education system in Sri Lanka does not offer the Law Students with critical skills which can be used for an efficient practice. Legal Writing, Legal Research, Legal English, Financial Management, Work Life Balance, Psychology, Counselling, Negotiation Skills, Advocacy Skills are some of the many courses developed and offered by the BASL aimed at professional development of its members.

With an aim of promoting self-regulation in the legal profession more effectively and efficiently, to promote professional standards and ethics, and accountability on the part of legal practitioners, BASL is in the process of introducing a practicing licensing system. Under such system the legal profession will be uphold it’s dignity.