JSC/ SEC / Notice of 26.04.2020.

Measures in view of Covid -19.

Instructions to all High Court Judges, Judicial Officers and Presidents of Labour Tribunals, of all courts and labour tribunals situated in areas where the curfew is in force, to be operative from 27th to 30th April 2020.

1) All cases to be rescheduled and such rescheduled dates to be notified on 4th of May 2020 by publication of a notice at the respective courthouses.

2) Suspects to be produced before the Chief Magistrate’s Court Colombo will continue to be produced before the Fort Magistrate’s Court until 4th of May 2020. Under the command of the JSC.

H.S. Somaratne.
Secretary, Judicial Service Commission.


1) Hon. Attorney General.

2) Secretary, Bar Association of Sri Lanka