Dear Member,

Registrar General’s Letter dated 22.04.2020 – Submitting of Duplicates Executed and Attested by Notaries Public

The Registrar General by letter dated 22.04.2020, has informed that the Duplicates which have been duly executed in the Months of February, March and April 2020, can be submitted to the Land Registries within a month after they reopen, subsequent to the lifting of the curfew.

For further clarifications you may contact the following:
Ms. C.S. Jagodaarachchi – Assistant Registrar General, Registrar General’s Department-Contact No. – 0714485564.
A copy of the aforesaid letter from the Registrar General dated 22.04.2020 is attached herewith for your reference.
Thank you,
Rajeev Amarasuriya
Bar Association of Sri Lanka