The inception of BASL in 1974

The legal profession in Sri Lanka was recognized by the Charter of Justice in the year 1802 and the Bar Association of Sri Lanka was established in 1974 with the amalgamation of both branches of law namely the Advocates of Sri Lanka and Proctors of Sri Lanka by the Administration of Justice Law No 44 of 1973.

Prior to the introduction of this new Law, Bar Council of Sri Lanka represented the Advocates of Sri Lanka and Law Society of Sri Lanka represented the Proctors of Sri Lanka in all matters affecting their respective professions. With the introduction of this new Law both these branches of the legal profession was mingled, into one group of legal practitioners as ‘Attorneys- at- Law’ leading to establishing the Bar Association of Sri Lanka as the apex body of all lawyers in Sri Lanka.

Significant Milestones / Facts

  • 1st Bar Council Meeting – 1974
  • Founder President – Dr. H W Jayawardena QC
  • Membership (as at March 2018) – 18,756
  • Branch Associations (as at March 2018) – 84


  • Mr. Ajantha Athukorala
  • Mr. Jayantha De. Z. Gunasekera, PC
  • Mr. Upali Gunaratna, PC

Our objectives

  • To Maintain the honor and independence of the Bar of Sri Lanka
  • To Maintain of discipline in the profession
  • Promote and protect interests, welfare, rights and privileges
  • Maintain high standards of professional conduct by the promotion of honorable practice, prevention of malpractice and other conduct unworthy
    of an Attorney-at-Law, professional etiquette, between or among Attorneys-at-Law
  • Promote good relations and cooperation with the public, the Legislature, Judiciary and the Executive and Lawyers of the other countries
  • To lobby with and make representations to the Legislature or other authority on behalf of the interests of the profession as well as the public
  • To further legal education and study of the Law and to foster international and regional co-operation in the study of Law and Administration of Justice.